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Senior Product Designer and Unicorn 🦄 lover living now In Montréal and working at Randstad IT Solutions Canada

Recently, I participated in the design of an ERP software for a Canadian company specialized in road transportation.

Since the deployment is spread over several years and several areas of the company, I have chosen to focus only on a specific but central part of the application and of the company in this small case study: the truck dispatch center.

Setting the context

The mission I did for this company was in fact the first project I was given to work on when I first arrived at SIA Innovations. When I was hired, SIA Innovations was already about to start the second phase…

By Mioe on Dribbble

The quality of the results obtained at the end of a workshop depends on numerous factors; stakeholder expertise, exercises, experience of the facilitator, interactions in the group, among others, are good examples.

The planning of a workshop involves thinking about how to reduce these risks as much as possible in order to extract the best possible data, and it is, in large, the experience of the facilitator that determines a workshop’s chances of success.

One of the tricky phases is the start-up phase as it is requires breaking the ice quickly and efficiently between the participants but also between the…

Source: zara magumyan on Dribbble

What is UX* Design?
No seriously, what is UX Design? I am not asking you this question because I don’t know what I am currently doing all day but because it seems as though every time I walk into a place, I hear a new definition of UX Design.

And it’s not a bad thing, not at all. After all, our work is a bit tough to understand and still a “young” field in constant evolution, sometimes at too rapid a pace to be able to properly keep up. …

Some tips to follow if you want to create a design system and survive to this.

The design system has been a trendy concept for a few years. More and more companies are spending huge sums of money to develop such solutions. However, having been in charge of setting up, managing and maintaining a design system, I was able to analyze some of its strengths and weaknesses. This is what I propose to you with some rules and solutions to avoid falling into the same pitfalls as me…

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